trend // agate

agate is becoming extremely popular in home decor … its stunning!

room of the week!

amazing abstract art!

i stumbled upon the abstract artist tobias tovera and absolutely love his work! check out more of his work: here!

glass tile!

love the look of glass tile! glass tile is perfect for a kitchen or bathroom! i love the shine and the multiple color and shape options, each are great to add some flair… Continue reading

room of the week!

sea urchin decor!

loving this new trend of sea urchin inspired decor! i love the sharp lines and its exotic nature…a very fun way to add some spunk to any space!

mykonos blue: pantone 18-4434

the perfect summer color! mykonos blue is perfect blue hue–it’s the perfect balance between a navy blue and a light blue! mykonos blue goes perfectly with white, and pops of a vibrant pink… Continue reading

room of the week!

black and white, geometric, sheep skin–the PERFECT room!

stunning geometric architecture!

there is no surprise i love all things geometric and i simply cannot get enough of these stunning images of geometric architecture! the facade of each of the buildings is truly incredible and… Continue reading

bar carts!

loving the new trend of bar carts! bar carts are a great accessory both in the interior and exterior of your home! bar carts are perfect for the summer and are so much… Continue reading

trend alert: honeycomb!

currently crushing on honeycomb!

room of the week!

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tick tick tock!

loving these geometric wall clocks! would love to see a collection of these together on a wall!

decorative antlers!

i have recently become obsessed with decorative antlers! i find the look to have an edgy yet chic aesthetic.

room of the week!

honeysuckle: pantone 18-2120

currently crushing on honeysuckle! i love this color and find it to be a perfect accent color for any space! both the super saturated tones and the lighter hues are exquisite and add… Continue reading

painted ladies!

heading to san francisco this weekend and couldn’t be more excited! since san francisco has been the only thing on my mind i decided to feature the painted ladies!

room of the week!

designing with fresh flowers!

fresh flowers are a great way liven and brighten any space! designing with fresh flowers is one of my favorite things! for as long as i can remember i was out in the… Continue reading

pantone 16 1360 – nectarine

obsessed with nectarine! pantone extracted “pantone 16-1360” by looking at all aspects of the nectarine and creating a blend that harmoniously combines the oranges, yellows and reds found in a natural nectarine. nectarine… Continue reading

room of the week!


love love love the look of sheepskins on chairs! it truly makes any chair look chic and extremely comfortable! both black and white sheepskin are a great compliment to any chair. this is… Continue reading

design icon of the month!

nate berkus! nate berkus is an amazing interior designer, whose career flourished after designing a room for oprah winfrey! berkus has not only written several books about interior design but even has his… Continue reading

geometric terrariums!

love these geometric terrariums!

room of the week!

Keri Russel’s Home–stunning! Image from Elle Decor!

pantone 572 C- seafoam green!

currently crushing on seafoam green! seafoam green is a lively color that brings energy and happiness into a space! i love seafoam green in any hue from light to dark each seem to… Continue reading

mid-century modern!

love these mid-century modern chairs! simple… yet aesthetically pleasing!

>>tribal print<<

currently obsessed with tribal print! such a fun and great way to bring in exotic patterns and pops of color into any space!

room of the week!

room of the week!

coffee table decor!

coffee table decor! i love these varying coffee table ideas! each are unique and have a minimalist aesthetic about them! i of course also love how the pants and flowers add a pop… Continue reading

geometric painted walls!

> geometric painted walls < obsessed with these geometric painted walls! such a fun and unique way to liven up any space!

stunning modern architecture: white loft!

white loft this minimalist white loft in new york is so unique and truly a masterpiece! though the space is primarily white the accent furniture and plants truly make the space pop! the… Continue reading

design icon of the month!

darryl carter darryl carter is an extraordinary interior designer! his designs are strong with a harmonious blend of neutrals and bold accent colors. he often paints the walls a chalk white to strengthen… Continue reading

room of the week!

room of the week!

morph glass vases!

morph glass vases! i am currently obsessed with morph glass! i love the look and find it to be a perfect complement to any space! i love bringing the outdoors in with interior… Continue reading

room of the week!

room of the week! 

mirrored furniture!

mirrored furniture! i am currently obsessed with mirrored furniture! i love the classic modern look! mirrored furniture is a great way to add shine into any space!

bright color block interiors!

bright color block interiors! this warm weather has me in the mood for bright summery colors! color blocking is a fun trendy way to bring color into any space! color blocking is a… Continue reading

room of the week!

room of the week! ellen and portia’s ranch house…exquisite!! photo compliments of elle decor

modern pastels!

modern pastels! when we think of pastels often times the first thing that comes to mind is easter, a traditional floral pattern or maybe even a child’s room…but there are several ways to… Continue reading

wire accessories with a geometric twist!

geometric wire accessories! currently obsessed with this wirey, modern minimalist look! there are so many ways to incorporate these accessories into any space!    

room of the week!

room of the week! would love to do my drafting work here!

exposed walls!

> exposed walls < currently obsessed with exposed walls! i love the look of exposed walls in interiors! there are so many different ways to incorporate this style and so many variations in… Continue reading

kelly hoppen

design icon of the month…. > kelly hoppen < “my philosophy has always remained the same, it’s about creating calm balanced environments based on eastern cultures, ie order and creation of harmony. how… Continue reading

room of the week

room of the week

best blog award

best blog award thank you thank you to Kiki Phukan of Kiki’s Decor for nominating me for the best blog award… another great and inspiring blog! here are 10 blogs that i find… Continue reading


ikat ikat is a trend that is more popular than ever and just in time for spring! the bright colors and exotic patterns are alluring and are a  perfect accent to any space.… Continue reading

black and white

black and white currently obsessed with black and white interiors! i love the simplicity of using black and white in interior design, it’s a trend that is classy and will never go out… Continue reading

liebster award

liebster award i was so excited this morning when i opened my email and saw i had been nominated for the liebster award by Mila at blue.white.striped! definitely a great surprise after a… Continue reading